Language learning and creativity – collaborative song writing and recording

Here’s a very effective and quite simple idea to encourage students to write their own songs and bring language learning to life.

If you are a good musician or not …

does not really matter here. The only thing that matters is to offer your students a chance to connect learning a  foreign language and playing around with bits and pieces of sounds and musical instruments. Using the iPad this learning idea makes good use of Pages as a collaborative tool and  GarageBand as a very easy to use recording studio. Students were highly motivated and liked the idea to produce something different than “only” a written text that ends up in a drawer or its digital counter part, saved on any learning platform. The chance to play their songs to an audience, to work on the lyrics together helped students to bring out their best efforts.

The following picture shows the steps taken. It worked well with students aged 13-15. Of course they could and should be varied depending on personal and / or  organizational needs.

See Resources for some ideas.